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              Dry Needling

The practice of dry needling involves inserting an solid filament needle (acupuncture needle) into a trigger point and is typically used to treat the pain associated with injuries. A trigger point is a tender spot in a tight band of muscle which causes localised or radiating pain. This form of needling was traditionally known as Ashi or trigger point acupuncture and has been revised for western use as Dry Needling. It uses the term Dry because there is no injection of fluids through the needle.

Dry Needling with Krishna may involve the use of electro stimulators clamped to the needle which gently pulses energy to increase the healing effect. Moxibustion, heat lamps and Energetic healing are also employed.  The needle penetrates effortlessly into the deeper parts of the muscle and by -passes the need for strong deep tissue massage. This is especially useful for sensitive issues such as vertebral disc bulge swollen bursa or joint pain which cannot handle strong force. The effects are deeply relaxing, pain reducing and energising. Dry needling is a treatment on its own or can be used in conjunction with glass cupping, remedial and relaxation massage. 

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