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Wwoofing & Land Care

We are often in need of wwoofers (willing workers on organic farms) to help us manage the huge work load of living on the land. We can exchange accommodation and food for your time tending and working the land. During your stay you will be part of our community here and we invite a mutual sharing of wisdom, knowledge and healing in whatever form that takes. 


Picking fruit, land care and gardening is in itself a wonderful therapy. There have been amazing studies done on how human mental health is profoundly improved by skin contact with soil and the energetic connection with the Earth. We are sure you will love the experience of being on this beautiful mountain and sacred land.


Nature is such an incredible teacher and living close to the earth , hands in the soil and growing food is a deeply healing and awakening experience. The simplicity of having such a direct relationship with the land, the land spirits and the turning of the seasons is a reminder of our true place in the cycle of all things. How humbling and beautiful.


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