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    Energetic Healing

                                       with Krishna
This form of energetic healing is a loving and joyful way to heal Auric field damage and many forms of compressed or dense energy that may create injury patterns or mind / body dysfunction. It is a culmination of Krishna's 25 years clinic experience working with the human energy field.

It is also an effective way to lift out deeply embedded trauma bodies and any associated energetics of these without any risk of re-traumatization. This is so because the trauma energy or repressed emotions of rage, fear and anger or even dark spirit entity attachments are all lifted faster than the mind can process.

In addition, a powerful  energy container of positive energy surrounds the client with direct Source energy. The treatment will  also involve highly focused, meditative transmissions of Source light and love
 or any other helpful energies as directed by your "I AM" 

Many clients report a sense of energy exploding out of the chakra as  the denser energies are removed.  The most common post treatment feedback is a feeling of being a different person, a feeling of lightness, peace, divine love and elation at letting go of so much pain and energetic baggage.

he efficacy of this therapy is not to be underestimated as it is an effective way to offer transformative therapy to traumatised people who cannot handle many forms of therapy or are fearful of emotional catharsis. The flow on effect to your mind, body spirit is profound.

Each session will generally last from 1.5 to 2hrs and will involve a vast array of energetic tools such as auric cutters, direct etheric hand manipulation of energy, micro light portals,  soul fragment retrieval, spirit guide
assisted techniques and highly focused meditative transmissions of energy name a few.

If you don.t desire to work on specific issues you can also just simply use your session to fill up with positive energy and relax.

Contact Krishna for more info.....


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