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  Transpersonal  Bodywork Training

with Karim

               A bodywork synthesis for physiologically  based psycho-spiritual transformation

 The roots of this healing art are based in Hawaiian bodywork, with further inspiration and evolution from  entheogenic  medicine explorations and informed by deep levels of self inquiry .

Karim ‘s  bodywork continues to evolve with each breath and in taking part in this training process you too are invited to move with your own unique unfolding . The principles and approaches in learning  this art form are transmitted through  direct experience of embodied practice so they become  applicable to any situation and to every relationship in our lives . When we learn and experience awareness of our physical , emotional, mental and spiritual realities and consciously navigate them, the natural by product is inner centeredness , compassion and healing . Learning to become a practitioner of  this bodywork requires  anchored commitment to yourself with  a conscious navigation of life . We are then from this level of consciousness able to work with others  through  the dance of bodywork to encourage the same .


Training and mentorship in Transpersonal  Bodywork  is  anchored in the following :


Flight:  The dance of life and creation as expressed by the body and the  application of this in bodywork treatments .  The moving meditation that finds our awareness  at its centre .This aligns patterns of motion and action with the self , the environment and all our relations to recognize that we are one with the dance of creation. This enables us to more easily navigate with coordination , fluidity and balance the often perceived chaos of what life’s situations may bring .

Body Awareness:    Awareness of physical , emotional , mental and energetic bodies and their connection to breath . The practices of taking old , outdated and unused energies and converting them through bodywork practice into harmonious contributing functions and restoring energy flow in alignment with the dance of life .  In doing so we learn how to activate our own inner resources and build life force .  The effects of this are a strong healthy body , healing of past traumas and the  expansion of limiting beliefs.  

Prayer:  The expression through us, of   thoughts , words and deeds.  Prayer being a focused and conscious extension of thought .  It can create empowerment ,   inform our experiences and facilitate change .

Reverence :  When poised in balance between conscious navigation and deep surrender  through the practice of this work ,deeper  knowledge, understanding  and wisdom are revealed .

The opportunity exists as it does in every moment to discover what you truly are….

 You are consciousness at the centre of all creation.


On Going Mentoring 

On going  trainings with Karim are available at any time to support the deepening and refinement process of this healing artform.


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