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Karim  lovingly tends the land as an earth steward and is passionate about permaculture, sustainability and grass roots living.


Karim is also regarded across Australia as a gifted practitioner of bodywork and for over 20 years has been offering a very deep level of presence, love and service..

He offers healing that is profoundly transformative and empowering within the physical, psycho-spiritual and trans-personal realms.

Karim is also a  qualified group facilitator and  has trained and mentored many students in the healing arts of trans-personal bodywork ,somatic therapy and ecstatic embodiment practice.


Krishna Bear

​                                       Krishna

 ​Krishna is passionate about  the energetic healing arts , exploring mysticism and the mystical aspects of nature. He has mapped ways of making peaceful contact with the spirits of the land and multidimensional star beings resulting in some spectacular contact experiences which were featured in a recent  international documentary.


This passion for the healing arts has inspired unique crystal grid portal healing technologies pioneered by Krishna.


Over the last 10 years he has been teaching  many how to construct powerful crystal grid energy generators and  portals which are akin to Earth acupuncture, a much needed energetic assistance in this current  chaotic time.

Krishna also teaches various meditation techniques via workshops and has assisted many  to discover the therapeutic and healing power of meditation.

With nearly 25 years clinic experience, Krishna  is a highly skilled practitioner and teacher of the Energetic Healing arts of Spiritual Healing, Quantum Healing, Portal Healing, Soul Fragment Retrieval  and Spirit Guide assisted therapies. His energy work and training greatly expand consciousness and can assist the transformation of trauma patterns, emotional / spiritual blocks and unlock  individual psychic gifts. 


He is also trained in the art of  transpersonal bodywork which combines Bodywork based Emotional Release Therapy alongside Quantum and Spiritual Healing Technologies to create profound shifts in energy.


Krishna began his spiritual journey after some powerful  contact experiences in his mid 20's. He now continues his passion in developing and exploring various forms of energetics for healing on an individual, collective and planetary level..

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