Level 1 Quantum Mind 

Earth Healing Transmissions

  Training in the use of tools which expand consciousness and assist us to be of service to others on both a personal and planetary level

Level 1

Facilitated by Krishna    


"This training has unlocked so much potential in me. The modules are filled with a lot of spiritual and joyous practice and the outcomes were very surprising to me. Focus, intent, balance are key tools you'll learn to develop and use constantly during your training. I now have the confidence to practice Quantum Mind and Spiritual Healing on myself and others."

Michelle Marinelli - Vic

The Quantum Mind training modules are designed to give you tools that will create highly focused, meditative, transference's of energy and light to assist in the transformation of world consciousness, the unified field of the Earth, an individual or yourself on a personal level. You will also learn powerful meditation practice to assist in bringing you home in your consciousness to Divine Source 

As you make the intention to radiate transforming energies to others in need, the magnetic force of Divine Will uses you as a conduit. The energy flows into you from Divine Source and then radiates out into the world. In this way, you become a portal of light.

When you transmit, you also receive. The more you are of service to others, the more your consciousness will expand and increase your ability to hold light.


The training includes an experiential exploration of the following.

Quantum Mind - Based on the principles of Quantum Physics. Learn how to observe the presence of source in all things. You will never see physical matter in the same way again. 

The Silence - Silent meditation is much more than just being quiet. Explore how to "be" the silence and radiate your consciousness.

I AM PRESENCE - What is your I AM? Explore techniques of how to invite and anchor  this powerful presence into your energetic system and entire multi-dimensional vehicle.


Dealing with the spirit world  -  The multidimensional nature of reality has a spectrum of darkness and light which reflects your consciousness and may require guidance to navigate especially as you increase your light. Until we reach the point of unity consciousness we will need assistance to deal with these forces. Learn how to create strong boundaries with non physical entities, break old contracts and chords of energy and construct geometric light forms to assist in the creation of powerful light barriers around us. You are more powerful than you realize.

The Two Point Process - Based on the principles of Quantum Physics. Learn to further utilise the power of quantum mind by learning the "Two Point Process" and transform your reality.  Watch the incredible magic unfold as you learn the infinite power of your own consciousness.






Transmitting powerful energy into the unified fields of consciousness-  Explore techniques which anchor, amplify and encode powerful divine energies from within your serene center of being.  Be a portal of light to this world.

Grounding - Learn to be connected to the earth as a powerful, grounded transmitter of divine energy.  Learn the art of respecting and working with the Spirits of the land in peace and love.

Light Language - Explore effective techniques which assist  your channel to open. Light language transmissions are powerful transformers of energy patterns on many levels of your being.

Crystal Grid and Stone Portal Creation- Learn how to both construct and use these incredible energetic devices for personal and planetary healing.