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Energetic Healing Arts

 An extraordinary journey in learning the path of energetic service.



           Facilitated by Krishna    


"Thank you Krishna for the most amazing 4 days. The healing and blessings you have brought into my life will live on in the Quantum field. I have learnt so much from you in this period it seems incredible. Lots of love and light.

Bronwyn QLD

"Thank you for your powerful transformational healings and of course without saying Krishna, the passion, commitment and dedication to your work. We know you are both absolutely adorable, genuine and inspirational healers, teachers and human beings. You have and are influencing and changing our lives  for the better."

Lots of love

Karolina and Rowena (aka the pixies and rain makers)

"Thank you Krishna for the beautiful teaching in these two days. My word is grateful and I will be carrying all of this information and healing for the rest of my life and I am sure now everything will flow perfectly. You are  a beautiful being and we are one.

With love from Sol and Aline"

                                                   Learn to be a Healer

As you make the intention to radiate transforming energies and assist others in need, the magnetic force of Divine Will uses you as a conduit. The energy flows into you from Divine Source and then radiates out into the world. In this way, you become a portal of light.

When you transmit, you also receive. The more you are of service to others, the more your consciousness will expand and increase your ability to hold light.

The energetic healing training modules are designed to give you tools that will create highly focused, meditative, transference's of energy and light to assist in the transformation of world consciousness, the unified field of the Earth, an individual or yourself on a personal level. You will also learn powerful meditation practice to assist in bringing you home in your consciousness to Divine Source 

The training includes an experiential exploration of the following.

Quantum Consciousness - Based on the principles of Quantum Physics. Learn how to step into quantum mind and observe a unique way of perceiving atomic structures. You will never see physical matter in the same way again. 

Quantum Healing Techniques and Training- Based on the principles of Quantum Physics. Learn to further utilize the power of quantum mind by learning practical healing techniques. Apply these techniques to yourself or to a person on the clinic table. Feel and see instant results. The Quantum world is where anything is possible and miracles are normal. Watch the incredible magic unfold as you learn the infinite power of your own consciousness.


Spiritual Healing Techniques - Learn the art of Spiritual Healing. An extraordinary and indispensable tool set which can be taught.

- Learn how to open your third eye and see the layers of ones aura.

- Learn to use your etheric hands and perform auric surgery.

- Learn how to remove energy blocks within the chakras.

- Learn how to access and remove trauma bodies within the auric field

- Learn the intricate art of soul fragment retrieval

- Learn how to safely work with Spirit Guides during a healing session

- Learn how to channel and speak the language of your Soul








Land Based Portal Construction - Learn how to safely construct large powerful energy vortexes in the form of crystal grid / stone portals. Transmit powerful energy into the unified fields of human consciousness and the grids of the Earth. Explore techniques which anchor, amplify and encode powerful divine energies from within your serene center of being.  Be a portal of light to this world.









Micro Portal Construction - Learn how to use Micro portals which I originally designed for use on the human body as chakra wellness amplifiers and divine light transmitters during healing sessions. They can also clear the energy of a room or space. Can also be used to send powerful energy via distance. The uses of portals are endless.

Interacting with the spirit world  -  The multidimensional nature of reality has a spectrum of darkness and light which reflects your consciousness and may require guidance to navigate especially as you increase your light. Until we reach the point of unity consciousness we will need assistance to deal with these forces. Learn how to create strong boundaries with non physical entities, break old contracts and chords of energy and construct geometric light forms to assist in the creation of powerful light barriers around us. You are more powerful than you realize.

Practicing The Presence - Silent meditation is much more than just being quiet. Explore how to access the Observer and radiate consciousness as a tangible force of energy you can sense and feel. The radiant presence of Source is your constant companion.

Grounding - Learn to be connected to the earth as a powerful, grounded transmitter of divine energy.  Learn the art of respecting and working with the Spirits of the land in peace and love.

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