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     Transpersonal Bodywork

               with Karim

Please note: Out of respect for Hawaiian culture Shanti Bhavan no longer uses the term "Kahuna"   as we believe it to be culturally insensitive.


With roots in Hawaiian Bodywork and further inspired by explorations in Entheogenic medicine and using modern applications of ancient sacred wisdom, Karim practices  a profound form of bodywork designed to facilitate a physiologically based, psycho-spiritual transformation  within the individual.

Using  the application of rhythm & motion, music , breath , clear intention, presence, focus and compassion, a heightened level of awareness and deep connectedness  unfolds within both the giver  and receiver.

A "flight of the Spirit"

This is a level  of consciousness which can invite wholeness into our lives through the spirit and heart . A level of presence and compassion  that holds all our aspects both light and shadow and everything in between. In doing so we uncover the intimate connections that build the "web of life and creation" that we are all a part of .

This is the sacred dance of life and creation that flows through all things and when embodied and applied during a treatment enhances the energy flow within the body and mind and allows for a whole new freedom of movement and fluidity to flower,  not only within the physical body but also within beliefs ,emotions and memories. This further expands into our relationships with self and others, family , community and the transpersonal realm of the collective consciousness and the entire cosmos.

As the dance is applied to the body, limitations are released. The nurturance  and expansion of all these relationships can begin to harmonize allowing for greater understanding of our place within the greater ecosystem of reality and creation . An opportunity to realize and celebrate our inseparable connection with all that is.

 Healing is the natural outcome and consequence of such a journey .

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