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 Transformational Energetics

              with Krishna

Transformational Energetics utilises a blend of Self Inquiry, Quantum Healing,  Spiritual Healing, Entity Removal and Spirit Guide assisted techniques. This healing is in a sense a team effort as

it is not just me working on you.

Because this therapy works on a multi-dimensional level and all levels of your mind, body and spirit, it can be of assistance for many issues such as trauma, depression, mind complexes, a feeling of being "stuck" in your life, shame and repressed emotional energy.

A focus will be on clarifying what it is you want in life and clearing and fine tuning the "engine" or thought matrix that creates your reality.


On a spirit level this therapy can assist in the safe removal of psychic, energetic or spirit entity influence. 

Spiritual Healing


A powerful aspect of this healing art is the use of Spiritual Healing techniques. Spiritual Healing is based on the art of hand laying utilising many energetic tools and techniques to shift energy blocks. The general feeling of energy work with Krishna is very relaxing, peaceful and clients often report a feeling of lightness and clarity after a session.  You may experience a myriad of phenomena such as releases of energy from the chakras, auric surgery techniques, spirit world communication, flashes of light behind the eyes, presences in the room and transmissions of various energies into your energy field, to name a few.

Primarily I work with "I AM PRESENCE" or "SOURCE" light and energy throughout the entire session as the base energy.

Light language is another aspect of Spiritual Healing. It is a type of multidimensional soul language where each word holds huge packets of information and frequencies and is in itself a healing tool of transformation.

Quantum Healing


Many of us are now familiar with Quantum Physics. Quantum Healing is a healing technology based on the principles of Quantum Physics which states all matter is not real and is a holographic construct of consciousness. Stepping into the universe of Quantum Healing presents us with a radical new paradigm - that you are not who you think you are but instead are pure energy, pure consciousness. The entire environment is your body. You are the creator of this interconnected, conscious holographic multiverse of pure energy. All there is you.

That's a big lot of concepts to take in but if you look closer into the idea that "all there is.... is you", our whole reality starts to change. Our ego personality suddenly seems not so important and in many ways not even real considering the understanding there is only one consciousness. The world of the Quantum can lead to a mind blowing concept which acknowledges when you talk to another person you are literally talking to yourself on a quantum level because we are both the same wave of energy being observed into a particle / matter state. Our consciousness is omni-present and is the same within all beings. You and I are both the same god being co-creating reality. We are one.

Thankfully you don't need to understand Quantum Mechanics to receive this healing.  However, Quantum Healing does step in to gently remind you of how powerful you are. Who are you? You are not a "consumer",  "a useless eater" or  "a sheeple" as the abusive system and cultural paradigm we live in programs us to be. You are a vessel holding the universe within you. You are a multi-dimensional power source which creates reality through the act of simply observing. The art of Quantum healing taps into that unlimited power within us which creates reality. The results are incredibly transformative and immediately observable.



Comprehensive 2 hr Transformational Energetics Session

Within these comprehensive 2 hr sessions we will "join the dots" to understand and transform what initially appears as complex  patterns.


The wonderful thing about this work is you do not  re-experience the energy or trauma as it releases because it moves out of the body so fast your mind cannot process it. This is especially useful if you experience Post Traumatic Stress or similar conditions as the healing tools release huge amounts of energy from the aura and body while keeping you quite relaxed. This process can access your entire life history from birth to the present to release and transform traumas, repressed emotions, toxic shame patterns, general stories and patterns of behavior. 


The goal of these sessions is to assist you to become self aware, self monitoring of your needs and to clear the filters of your "engine" which creates your reality


These comprehensive sessions are  incredible processes that can greatly expand your consciousness and quickly shift a huge amount of energy "baggage" from your field. The results are powerful and immediately measurable. 

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