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  Silent Meditation Retreat

Silent Retreat

Learning the art of silent meditation can be a life changing experience. 

Sharing a spiritual connection by meditating with a friend or loved one can also be a powerful and bonding experience. 

With the privacy and serenity of Shanti Bhavan and surrounding National Park, there will be minial distractions except for the sound of the birds, the wind in the trees and the mountain views

The day can begin with the receiving of (optional)  Energetics or Bodywork to prepare and rest the mind, body spirit before being in silence.

A private wood fired sauna is also available as part of your journey within.

For beginner meditators, in depth tuition on the art of meditation is available instead of the morning bodywork/ energetics

Multiple meditation sits within the crystal grid and other beautiful spots on the land will also be scheduled

Contact Krishna on 66897055 for more info





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