Silent Meditation

Groups of up to 6 people via shared phone or zoom

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Silent Meditation is a form of Earth Healing

There have been amazing studies done on meditation, one in particular called The Washington Crime Study,  noticed how crime levels were lowered in cities during times of large meditation groups. Don't underestimate the radiant power of your consciousness especially when the mind is in stillness. When the ego surrenders in silence to the presence of consciousness within, a powerful radiance of energy is emitted from your centre which has a "repairing" effect on both your ego mind and the outer reality as a whole. You are surrendering to the great love and power which on a daily basis, germinates seeds, spins the galaxies and constructs the infinite atoms and molecules of your being. 
In that moment of stillness you are no longer spinning out random creations of reality from the "monkey mind" and are allowing your consciousness, your "I AM" to gently repair the mess our ego has created. This in turn radiates energy outwards toward all of humanity.