Earth Healing Meditation

Earth healing is a free service.
Meditations of up to 6 people via group phone call now available.
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Peaceful  Activisim

Humanity is in an incredible crisis and the planet is now faced with a choice of either enlightenment or planetary destruction.  

Global issues cannot be solved by the same level of consciousness which created them. A new global paradigm is urgently needed to transform the gross misuse of power and the endless cycles of war, poverty, financial slavery and human suffering.

A call to all beings who wish to assist our beloved Earth and Human Race.

This page is intended as both an invitation and an inspiration.

An inspiration to create a sacred space of your own to rest in stillness and be a portal of consciousness.

It is also an invitation to join in with the regular transmissions of energy at Shanti Bhavan and an invitation to be a "Sacred Activist" and be part of a world wide movement which assists the raising of global consciousness. 

Earth healing sessions are akin to a form of Earth Acupuncture which activates planetary meridians and injects highly focused, meditative, transference's of life stream energy and light into both the Earth grids and the human unified field of consciousness. This in turn greatly assists the raising of humanities consciousness.

As you make the intention to radiate transforming energies to others in need, the magnetic force of Divine Will uses you as a conduit. The energy flows into you from Divine Source and then radiates out into the world. In this way, you become a portal of light.

​​When you transmit, you also receive. The more you are of service to others, the more your consciousness will expand and increase your ability to hold light.

        Some Suggested ways to assist     


SIlent Meditation is a form of Earth Healing

Create a sacred healing space in your bedroom, spare room etc, or create a crystal grid in your backyard where you can connect to the earth and meditate. Light a candle if you like or play gentle non vocal relaxing music in the background. Intend the radiant power of your meditation to flow into the earth.  It really can be as simple as that. Hold the intention that as you sit in stillness you radiate consciousness into the Earth and humanity.


There have been amazing studies done on meditation, one in particular called The Washington Crime Study,  noticed how crime levels were lowered in cities during times of large meditation groups. Don't underestimate the radiant power of your consciousness especially when the mind is in stillness. When the ego surrenders in silence to the presence of consciousness within, a powerful radiance of energy is emitted from your centre which has a "repairing" effect on both your ego mind and the outer reality as a whole. You are surrendering to the great love and power which on a daily basis, germinates seeds, spins the galaxies and constructs the infinite atoms and molecules of your being. 


In that moment of stillness you are no longer spinning out random creations of reality from the "monkey mind" and are allowing your consciousness, your "I AM" to gently repair the mess our ego has created. This in turn radiates energy outwards toward all of humanity.

Learn to be a Transmitter

Attend an Earth Healing workshop at Shanti Bhavan and discover how to tap into the Source Field and project life stream energy and light using portal technology. 

The workshop will explore Quantum and Spiritual healing techniques as well as a  unique meditation practice that is powerful,  transformational and transmits highly focused, meditative transference's of positive energy.

​The meditation practice can be used as an adjunct to your current spiritual practice or a complete replacement.  

The workshop will explore how to amplify energy and how to construct  powerful crystal or stone portals which can be used to anchor continual transmissions of love and light into the Earth. 

Some prior experience with meditation and channeling energy is needed as the field generated by the practice is strong and often intense.

Contact Krishna for more info