Karim is regarded across Australia as a gifted practitioner of bodywork and healing and for over 20 years has been offering a very deep level of presence, love and service..

He offers healing that is profoundly transformative and empowering within the physical, psycho-spiritual and transpersonal realms.

Karim is also a  qualified group facilitator and  trains and mentors many students in the healing arts of bodywork ,somatic therapy and ecstatic embodiment practice.

He also lovingly tends the land as an earth steward and is passionate about permaculture, sustainability and grass roots living.

Krishna Bear


With nearly 23 years clinic experience, Krishna  has established himself as a highly competent bodyworker and practitioner of Energetic Healing. His Hawaiian Bodywork sessions are powerful, trans-formative and combine Emotional Release Therapy alongside Quantum and Spiritual Healing Technologies to create profound shifts in energy. Remedial therapies which treat the physical body are also combined with energetic healing arts for complete mind , body ,spirit integration.

Krishna is passionate about Earth healing techniques and has inspired many to take up the task of being of service to the planet on an energetic level with their own unique practice of Earth healing.  He is also passionate with helping others  step into empowerment by unlocking individual psychic gifts and skills. His energy work greatly expands consciousness and can assist the transformation of trauma patterns and emotional / spiritual blocks

Krishna began his spiritual journey after some powerful psychic experiences in his mid 20's. He now continues his passion in developing and exploring Energetic, Spiritual and Cosmic Healing practices for healing on an individual, collective and planetary level..